#beautyreview | confessions of a hair product horder

Welcome to the second installment of: This is what I have lying around in my bathroom. Let’s re-evaluate my hair product addiction.

I have a hate/love relationship with my hair. Mainly hate though. It gets really flat when I don’t brush it in an hourly fashion, so I have a long history with volumising products. Spoiler alert, like my history with men, every single one let me down even when I told them „you were supposed to be different“. If you care to learn from my mistakes, keep on reading.

Here’s the thing. I notice a difference in my hair flatness if I blow dry it or sleep on it. Of course blow drying will give my hair that much needed „umph“ it needs. Also, I’m noticing a difference if I put product in it or not while I blow dry. A mousse makes my flat hair go dry and flat and makes it even more to a needy attention seeker than it already is, which means stealing away to the bath room to grab my tangle teezer. But other than that I never notice much of a difference what kind of product I’m putting in. I never had a volumising product stand out to me, they all did kind of the same thing some better some worse. They all tend to be the next big thing and a pretty testimonial with pretty extensions told me that it even boosts the volume of my hair. Of course I had to get it and of course I did get my hopes up.


Schwarzkopf Glem vital 7 Kräuter €1.89 (NCF)

I’m not picky about the shampoos I use. I only want my hair to smell nice when I swoosh it around. Of course I tried other brands, but I love using this one (not because its the cheapest one), but this fresh scent wakes me up in the morning. I also really like the Elvital Volume-Collagen (Fibralogy) or the Pantene Pro V volume range, because it smells really lovely, not because it does something special to my hair.


OGX anti-breakage keratin oil conditioner €7.95 (ncf)

Garnier Wahre Schätze Argan- & Camelia Öl (ncf)

I’m not too keen on oils as my hair gets greasy very easily (apart from the argan oil, which I mention here), but I’ll have it in my conditioner pretty please.


If I’m not using a spray conditioner afterwards my hair gets so tangled and I get frustrated. I’m only noticing a difference If I’m not using one so the brand or range is not a big deal to me, so that’s why after these run out I’m sticking with cruelty free options only. It’s a shame though, because the Schwarzkopf one has the best scent and therefore the best scented swooshing.

Dove intensiv Reparatur Pflege-Spray €4.99 (ncf)

Schwarzkopf Glem Vital Sanddorn vital-sprüh-balsam €3.49 (ncf)


John Frieda Frizz Ease Range (ncf)

You might be confused why I have hair products for curly hair after going on and on about my flat, straight hair dilemma, but my roommate is graced with natural locks, so obviously these belong to her.

After I ran out of my shampoo I used her stuff and it did for me much more than I was expecting and well, I expected nothing. It makes my hair more textured, which is perfect for curling it after. Usually my curls disappear after a couple of hours, but with this, I actually got to experience second day curls. To be fair, I sprayed in loads of the styling spray after the mousse. What can I say, I was in desperate need of some curly action. You definitely can’t expect curls alone from this product when you have dead straight flat hair like me, obviously, but the chances of your curling wand actually succeeding on his mission are higher.


Schwarzkopf sea salt spray „strand nixe“ €6.99 (ncf)

I got this spray sent in a glossybox ages ago and I still haven’t used this a ton. After the sea salt hype I was dying to try this affordable option out, but it only got me dry hair. Far from the desired wavy, „hello I live in venice beach“ look, unable to brush out my hair until the next wash.

Bumble and bumble texture hair(un)dressing creme €44.24 (ncf)

Be careful with this one or you’ll end up with white patches in your hair. When I brush this through my hair with my fingers after curling my hair, it really makes them last longer. But then again, using this just for volume on my flat hair makes only a slight difference. Not what you expect with the steep price tag.

TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Big & Bigger (Edit: recently bought by Unilever ncf)

This stuff feels like a mousse in your hair except that it’s really sticky and never foams up. The scent is delicious though, but again it wasn’t a game changer, but was just another product that slightly added some volume to my hair. (starting to feel like this is a reacurring theme?)

Dove oxygen volumen ansatz spray 7.99 (ncf)

This spray is meant for your roots to boost the volume throughout your hair. I bought this one because of the unreal human Amelia Liana after she filmed a raving review about it. Sadly, it didn’t turn out to be my next holy grail product. Seriously I have such high expectations, if you’ll ever hear me say nice things about hair stuff, you better be runnin‘ to the next drugstore. I sprizzed loads of it in because I didn’t notice a big difference. I used half a bottle on my hair and all I got was greasy roots and a cup of freshly served disappointment.


Aussie Miracle Hairspray €7.49 (ncf)

Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo Aussome Volume €4.95 (ncf)

Colab Sheer + Invisable Dry Shampoo Rio €4.62 (cf)

Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry: Fruity & Cheeky €2.95 (cf)

The Trifecta of Dry Shampoos plus one. These are my substitutions for the Baptiste Dry Shampoo for brown hair, just to switch it up. So far they all leave a white stain I’d rather not deal with. Especially not when I’m in a hurry and have to get rid of it.


Schwarzkopf professional OSIS+ blow & go smooth €10,20 (ncf)

I got this product sent in a glossybox, I’d never have picked this up on my own. You’re supposed to put it in your hair before/while blow drying your hair. It makes it go super smooth (duh) like it says and it stops my hair from going frizzy. I already have super straight hair, but this makes it shiny and straight without using a straightener.

Schwarzkopf got2be POWDER’ful volume styling powder €3.99 (ncf)

I’d never put this in right after washing my hair, but you’ll find me carrying this around in my handbag. If my hair gets super flat while I’m out, this is my savior. Your hair gets super super sticky after using this and no hair brush ever has a chance against this bad boy, but it will give you an instant boost of volume when you need it on a night out. To be fair, after a night out you have far more troubles than deep conditioning your hair.

cf… cruelty free ncf… not cruelty free

I won’t be repurchasing the non cruelty free products.





Companies that test:

Aussie (P&G)

Bumble and Bumble (Estée Lauder)

Dove (Unilever)


John Frieda


Schwarzkopf (Henkel)

TIGI (Unilever)