#beautyreview | my current concealer stash

Because my dark circles are as dark as the inside of hollister, my mission in life is to find an under eye concealer that fits perfectly for my skin.

Since I have a lot of experience with drugstore brands, i started to experiment with higher end products, although the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer is still chilling somewhere deep down in my handbag. I’d never use this concealer just on his own though, it only starts to conceal the tip of the purple iceberg. I have it a few shades lighter and only apply it after my regular concealer to highlight. It seems to disappear usually as soon as I have to run for my bus to work when the wind hits my face, so I don’t really know why I even bother.

I can’t get myself to buy the Bobby Brown corrector and concealer, because this duo is the ultimate dream that my face can look airbrushed in real life. I’m not ready to destroy this idea yet.

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer

I’ve got my Mac Concealer for quite a while now, so you can expect my finalized opinion. The texture is silky and smooth and quite runny when you apply the concealer to the back of your hand. It has a pump so chances are you always have more concealer at the ready than you realistically need, which is a shame considering it’s not inexpensive. The product is perfect for concealing blemishes or redness all through out your face, but it gets really tricky when you approach the under eye aria, at least in my case. If you have a soft hint of blue under your eyes,already not very visible, this is the concealer for you. You sweep it under your eyes and your good to go. However this isn’t the case for my „condition“, the last time I only had to brush a light portion of concealer under my eyes and no one could tell I slept only three hours plus have the genetics to imitate the Addams Family was for a recital in kindergarden.

The product is not buildable, if you put multiple layers under your eyes, it creases, it looks cakey and if you apply concealer before doing your eyeliner in your waterline like me, you have to be very careful to avoid touching this aria, otherwise the FBI is able to detect your fingerprints simply by looking at your concealer game. I’d recommend it if you only need concealer on a few spots on your face, in this case it’s quite long lasting when you set everything with powder. Mac Pro Longwear is crossed off my makeup bucket list and my search continues.

A few days ago out of frustration I bought the Benefit Boi-ing Concealer and already it works so much better for my complexion. It’s buildable so i can put as much as i like on and I love seeing every hint of color under my eyes disappear. To be honest I’ve never felt so satisfied putting on my makeup. Killing your dark circles is an anger release without actually hurting anyone, but I can’t say that it’s less aggressive or that less shouting is involved.

If you have any recommendations for me please feel free to comment I need all the help I can get in this war.

  • Catrice Camouflage works like a charm for me! Both for spots and underneath my eyes. You should try it, especially because it’s not that pricey. Catrice is a brand you should definitely check out because the products are really good and not expensive at all. :*

    • I got Catrice Camouflage as well, but I only apply it through out the day because this works for both undereye and blemishes, because of the shade. My problem with it is that it fades through out the day more than other concealers and i’m looking for one that stays on for longer xx

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