Christmas Gift Guide 2016 | + GIVEAWAY!

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I love a good ol‘ christmas gift guide, because I’m a nosy little shit. So, if you’re anything like me, I hope you’ll enjoy this!

gift-guide-gepudert-skinnydip gift-guide-gepudert-hip-flask

Skinnydip Drank All My Money Hip Flask €19.99

There is no classier way to drink alcohol in public. Is it Rum? Is it Vodka? You’ll never know.


totes toasties novelty slipper-sox (found at tk maxx)

You have no idea how cosy and snuggly these socks are. They are the best, they have super soft lining to keep your feet toasty.


ASOS Mickey Mouse Christmas €23,99

ASOS brought out a lot of cute men shirts. I know the words cute and men’s clothing are not to be used in the same sentence, but it has Micky Mouse with a Santa hat on it! If you have a favorite human you want to gift a t-shirt, they also do a really cute „rein beer“ one and it has a beer bottle with antlers on it! Unfortunately my best friend doesn’t fit in a Small, because he’s on a mission to be Hulk someday minus the green, ladies and gents here’s his Instagram, you’re welcome. Don’t tell him what I got him though.


Doiy Doughnut Tablet Stand €18.99

A lot of the time you’ll find my man friend on his sofa, on his iPad. When he’s not sitting on his sofa, he’s laying down. What’s missing you might ask? A DOUGHNUT STAND.


IKEA hot mulled cider candle €3.49

I don’t know about other countries, but in Austria we take our christmas booze really serious. When the first christmas markets start to serve mulled wine/cider or as we call it „Glühwein“ in mid-november, you’ll find a lot of us flat out drunk, wrapped up in scarfs, gloves and ski overalls even though it’s still 15 degrees outside. So IKEA, in their christmas spirit, did a little magic. A hot mulled cider candle!!!!! yaaaaassss!!!! even though this candle won’t give you a light buzz, you can light it whenever you want and feel a little patriotic. No, it’s not sad that my patriotism only kicks in when alcohol is involved.


Wembley Men’s Jingle Bell Suspenders $9.60 (found at tk maxx)

I love fun gifts. Don’t try to convince me that spending money on jingly suspenders is not worth it. The person I’m giving this too better be rockin‘ it around the christmas tree and spread some holiday cheer.


Emma Bridgewater Black Iris Bath Elixir £20 (found at tk maxx)

Bath soaks are the best. Baths in general are the best. People who love baths are the best. This one by Emma Bridgewater looks incredible and I hope it smells nice. (Hate that I can’t open the stuff I gift to people an smell them, I can’t be the only one?)


Baylis & Harding Beauticology Sweet Temptations Gift Set

White Chocolate… Strawberry Candy Cane… Vanilla Frosting? Sign me up! This range by Beauticology contains the scent of my dreams. Definitely need to gift this or I’d be tempted to try if they taste as delicious as they smell.


ASOS Christmas Elf Onesie With Bells €46.99

If your friends tease you for wearing your unicorn onesie 24/7, here’s a solution: just buy them one for themselves. I swear I converted all of my friends and this christmas marks the one year anniversary of the onesie takeover and what better why to celebrate than with: (you guessed it) more onesies?!


I’m all about DIY gifts. I love cute packaging, but I’m the absolute worst at wrapping (not for a lack of trying though, I swear I have a little melt down every christmas) so I bought this cute tin. Pop something you baked in there and voilà. If you’re not the best at baking, maybe gift it to someone who’ll appreciate your effort and will love you anyway, just in case.


ASOS Fifty-Two Things To Do While You Poo €7.99

Don’t even try to tell me you don’t have a person in your friendship group who’s joke repertoire is limited to poop humor. Well, today they get their revenge. Because you sat through them all, diarrhea jokes and what not, you didn’t complain at any explicit detail, even though you were probably looking for a way to tell them that your friendship got a little too comfortable. „Things to do while you poo“ and if they don’t care for puzzles, at least you did a little something for their hygiene.

gepudert_gift_guide-scottish-fine-soaps-gingerbread gepudert_gift_guide-scottish-fine-soaps-gingerbread-1

Scottish Fine Soaps Gingerbread Soap Gift Set (found at tk maxx)

Oddly enough, almost everyone I know, knows someone who has a weird obsession with soaps. They might not even use them, but they have stashes and stashes of soaps. In my case, it’s my grandma, but somehow I see myself becoming the next generation with this obsession.


IKEA Winter 2016 Duftkerze „Geleeplätzchen“ €2.99

Even though I’m typically not a fan of IKEA candles, they came out with great scents this season. They are a lovely low budget gift and their packaging looks a bit more high quality than the normal candles you can usually get. This scent is perfect for someone who wants their house to smell like cookies, but is terrible at baking. Might be the way to tell someone to leave baking to someone else this year. Because of the stressfulness and all.


The Cream Shop Blending Sponge „Momo The Mouse“ $7 (found at tk maxx)

How cute is this mouse? THE gift for a make up addict who’s got it all and you don’t dare by something they already got or don’t like. Take it from me, you can never have too many blending tools.


ASOS Beard Pong €4.49

I’m in college for 2 years now and only now played beer pong for the first time. After I experienced what this american college experience has to offer I need to share it with my friends. It doesn’t necessarily need to be red cups, we don’t need to be too cliché, but how about these? BEARD PONG. I’m sold.


Scottish Fine Soaps Soothing Muscle Soak (found at tk maxx)

I don’t know about you, but this gift screams „dad“ to me. It looks so classic and sleek and the crest has a lion on it. I’m sold. Here you go, dads in the world.



I don’t know about you, but I hate January. Christmas is great and when it’s over you’re all about your plans on New Year’s and after that well… there are a bunch of exams and catastrophic weather. So, to help you ease out of the Christmas spirit and jolly times I thought it might help to send someone a little holiday cheer.



Baylis & Harding Beauticology Sweet Temptations Gift Set containing: Vanilla Frosting Body Lotion, Toasted Marshmallow Hand Cream, Strawberry Candy Cane Body Wash and White Chocolate Shower Cream


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