Today I wanna give you an idea of home scents you could buy to have your space smell delicious all year around. I feel like the best time for scented candles is christmas though. I stocked up on my all time favorite Yankee Candle (red apple wreath) in the post-christmas sale, and bought tons of them. (This goes without saying that I won’t burn my stash of Red Apple Wreath in mid-summer though, I just can’t contain myself.)


Bath & Body Works tiki beach $4,50

If your next holiday is months away you need this candle to fill the pina colada shaped void in your heart

Bath & Body Works mahogany teakwood $4,50

this candle smells like the man of your dreams

you won’t be sobbing and watching soppy movies with this candle on valentines. It’ll remind you why it’s worth holding off, because you deserve a man who smells like mahogany teakwood not a silly axe spray boy


Diptyque tubéreuse €44

my first high end candle ladies and gentlemen. this beauty is in my possession for nearly two years now and i couldn’t bring myself to burn it. yet.


ipuro garden of eden diffuser 100ml (purchased at Depot)

I’m usually not a big fan of room diffusers, but I just couldn’t leave this scent without buying, it really does the name „garden of eden“ justice. Although the scent is amazing, it doesn’t spread its deliciousness. oh well i tried to give room diffusers a second chance.