I’m ultimately bored with nail polish right now, which led me to dipping my toes into the water of fake nails. In Austria we don’t really have a wide range of fake nails to experiment with, so kiss your dream of Kylie Jenner nails goodbye. I texted my flatmate who recently stayed in London to get me a little help of our more experienced friends.


(available at Superdrug, Asos and feelunique)

Elegant Touch is very tempting to sacrifice the health of your nails by, because they have tons of lovely designs. There are more nail glue alternatives than in Austria, like glue stickers, as well as press-ons.

 Hey Grey! by Elegant Touch

You have a big selection of clear nails you can customize yourself ranging from claw lookalikes to really subtle ones.

Although the designs are to die for I’m in desperate need of a nail glue that really sticks. I don’t need my fake nails flying off every chance they get. I lost 4 by just putting on my jeans. Admittingly, this takes a lot of effort, but still, i don’t want to leave my apartment empty handed if you know what I mean. I tried out a few other brands as well, like the fing’rs brush-on nail glue but nothing seems to work.

so if you have any recommendations for nail glues in vienna i’m forever indebted to you ✌︎